The best weekend bars near Notre Dame

By: Hannah Fronczak

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Class of 2017 students on a night out. (Photo courtesy Dara Chesnutt)

There is nothing MBA students appreciate more than their weekends. After seemingly endless group meetings, exams, and presentations, it’s a welcome respite. From a brief and very scientific poll conducted in class, I’ve determined the most popular activities are sleeping, deep sleeping, and socializing with our fellow classmates at the local watering holes. I’ve already discussed our favorite restaurants and our weekday choices when it comes to bars, and sure, those are important, but this is the list where it’s REALLY important so take notes.  Continue reading “The best weekend bars near Notre Dame”

The best weekday bars near Notre Dame

By: Hannah Fronczak

9.5 Notre Dame MBA students enjoying a round at Brother's. (Photo courtesy Dara Chesnutt)
9.5 Notre Dame MBA students enjoying a round at Brother’s Bar & Grill. (Photo courtesy Dara Chesnutt)

In my last post, I listed four great places to eat near Notre Dame. Here’s a list tailored more towards the “work hard, play hard” professional. These are our favorite bars, in all their glory, organized by weekday. It goes without saying that I highly recommend drinking in moderation, taking an Uber when you want to leave (Uber exists in South Bend!), and probably not visiting all of these bars in one week. You only get one liver. 

Pro tip: If you plan to go out one day during the week, we recommend shooting for ThursdayContinue reading “The best weekday bars near Notre Dame”

A foodie’s 4 favorite restaurants near Notre Dame

By: Hannah Fronczak

Topping off the night with dessert and coffee. (Photo courtesy Stacy Srivastava)

When I decided to move to South Bend from Chicago to attend the Notre Dame MBA program, I felt like I had sentenced myself to culinary oblivion. I pictured endless cans of Ragu and soggy homemade pasta. However, from my first day on campus, I discovered many of my classmates were ardent foodies. Within the past few months, we have found a lot of local gems. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Girls’/Boys’ Night Out: Salsa’s Mexican Grill

Hands down my favorite restaurant in the South Bend area.  The interior of the restaurant alone is worth the visit – it feels like you teleported to Mexico. During the winter months when you’re knee-deep in snow, it’s a nice way to remember that sometimes it’s warm outside.  It goes without saying that the margarita pitchers aren’t half-bad either.  Continue reading “A foodie’s 4 favorite restaurants near Notre Dame”