The best weekend bars near Notre Dame

By: Hannah Fronczak

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Class of 2017 students on a night out. (Photo courtesy Dara Chesnutt)

There is nothing MBA students appreciate more than their weekends. After seemingly endless group meetings, exams, and presentations, it’s a welcome respite. From a brief and very scientific poll conducted in class, I’ve determined the most popular activities are sleeping, deep sleeping, and socializing with our fellow classmates at the local watering holes. I’ve already discussed our favorite restaurants and our weekday choices when it comes to bars, and sure, those are important, but this is the list where it’s REALLY important so take notes. 

Friday: Corby’s

Remember that part in Rudy where our determined hero finds himself in a good old-fashioned bar fight?  Well, that was filmed at Corby’s. Corby’s is my favorite bar in South Bend, not only for the heritage, but also for the pizza stand.

Saturday: The Linebacker Lounge, a.k.a. The Backer

You either love The Backer or you hate The Backer, but either way, it’s one of the closest bars to campus. The dance floor gets pretty wild, especially after midnight. If dancing isn’t your style, there’s a small pool room to hang out and mingle in as well.

Sunday: Evil Czech Brewery

This was mentioned in my list of favorite restaurants, but since then I’ve been tipped off by my fellow classmates that “The Hangover Brunch” is one of the best parts about Sunday in South Bend. Great cocktails, more brews, and really interesting small dishes.

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hannah-profile-picHannah lived in Chicago prior to business school. She is concentrating in marketing and business analytics, and attended Purdue University for her undergraduate studies. Her favorite Notre Dame memory is evening mass at the Basilica. You can find Hannah on LinkedIn.