Fossil Hominin Dating Profile

I had my students do a fossil hominin dating profile for one of their larger assignments. See the assignment here: Assignment #4.

Much to my delight, a few decided to make their profile on old fashioned poster board! Here are a couple…

A. boisei dating profile
Dating profile for Australopithecus boisei.
AMH Dating Profile
Dating profile for Anatomically Modern Humans…using Dwayne The Rock Johnson as their example.

Early & Late Archaic and early modern H. sapiens

I put together some materials Early & Late Archaic and early modern H. sapiens. It is similar to what I did with early genus Homo. Please go to activity #10 on my teaching page.

I have additional materials on Neanderthal culture, early modern human culture, and human dispersal models (replacement, multiregionalism, and assimilation). If you would like those, please email me directly. I will also lead a class discussion on the recent (and highly problematic see here, here, and here) paper that suggests the earliest modern humans originated from Botswana.