COVID-19 & Exercise Part II

New paper out with the wonderful Katie Rose Hejtmanek!

This is the second of three articles on our study of how COVID-19 stay at home orders affected exercise routines and the resulting impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

Surprise surprise, not being able to go to gyms, fitness centers, boxes, etc. resulted in worse physical and mental wellbeing.

However! Those who were part of a formal fitness community (e.g. CrossFit) fared significantly better than those who in less formal fitness communities (regular gym going with more informal relationships/groups). These formal communities found ways to foster engagement online in creative ways as well as loaning out fitness equipment.

Both formal communities and and creative flexibility in reaching out to those communities helped to mitigate some of the negative impact that stay at home orders had on physical and mental wellbeing in terms of exercise routines.

The third and final article from this study will appear as a chapter in a forthcoming edited volume!