#Hackademics: Mental Health in Academic with Rebecca Lester

Sometimes things come back around in unexpected ways. Much like the Netflix documentaryBABIES! I was in for research I helped with 10 years ago, grad school experiences can circle back with new insights. This time it came from the Sausage of Science podcast episode with Dr. Rebecca Lester.

Chris Lynn and I brought Dr. Lester on to discuss mental health in academic – at all career levels for our #Hackademic series – hacks for academics. Dr. Lester is a professor of anthropology at Washington University, St. Louis where I went to grad school. I never got a chance to know her then, but I really wish I had. I think her insights and experience could have helped me through what was an incredibly difficult period of my life. This interview provided some excellent advice for everyone in academic, and even gave me a bit of closure.

#Hackademics & Un-grading with Susan Blum

As you are starting to think about your classes next semester (though perhaps not thinking about them this week!), you should have a listen to our next installment of #Hackademics where we chat with Dr. Susan Blum about non-traditional teaching pedagogy and un-grading.
I have personally learned a ton from Dr. Blum, and I hope this episode is illuminating for many.

Science Stories with Kate Wong

Sausage of Science LogoHave a listen to the latest installment of #Hackademics, our special series within the Sausage of Science podcast. In this episode we talk about the importance of science communication, how to go about it (especially if you are new to the field), and why you should pitch your science story to folks like our guest Scientific American journalist, Kate Wong.

Have a listen!

SoS Episode 49: A Chat with Phyllis Eveleth Award Winner Jelena Jankovic

Sausage of Science LogoThis week on the Sausage of Science, Chris and Cara chat with Jelena Jankovic, this year’s recipient of the HBA Phyllis Eveleth Award for Outstanding Graduate Presentation or Poster. Jelena’s poster titled, “Forced migration and chronic stress: A study of traumatic experiences, mental health, and cortisol among refugees in Serbia” was one of over 100 posters at the 2019 Conference. As a biocultural anthropologist, Jelena’s research focuses on migrant and refugee studies as well as human biology. In this episode, she chats with Chris and Cara about her work in Serbia, the science behind fingernail clippings, and her future research goals. To contact Jelena, send her an email at jjankovi@nd.edu or learn more about her research by visiting her Notre Dame webpage: anthropology.nd.edu/graduate-progra…kovic-rankovic/.