Dispatches from Chile: A mod abroad

By: Steve L’Heureux

Notre Dame MBAs in Chile, 2017 (photo courtesy Steve L'Heureux)
Notre Dame MBAs in Chile in fall 2016. (Photo courtesy Steve L’Heureux)

During Mod 2 in the fall, the Notre Dame MBA program offers second-year students the opportunity to study at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile. About a dozen classmates and I are nearing the end of our stay, and I simply cannot recommend it enough. Sure, as I sip wine in Argentina or soak in the thermal springs of the Atacama Desert (all the while thinking about the students stateside unpacking their winter jackets), it seems obvious why a mod abroad in Chile beats out the alternative. But the value from the mod abroad program goes so much deeper than warm weather and full-bodied Malbecs.  Continue reading “Dispatches from Chile: A mod abroad”

Repping ND at case competitions

By: Matthew Kurtulik

The Notre Dame team at the Baylor MBA Case Competition (photo courtesy Matthew Kurtulik)

Case competitions are enriching from a personal and professional standpoint, and the abundance of opportunities such as case competitions are one of the best reasons to get a Notre Dame MBA. Case competitions are a great way to build camaraderie with your classmates, to hone your problem-solving skills, and to expand your network.

Notre Dame has a Case Competition Committee that finds case competitions and communicates those opportunities to MBA students. The competitions are hosted by other MBA programs, and they cover an array of topics ranging from stock-picking to introducing sustainability ideas in a corporate setting.  Continue reading “Repping ND at case competitions”

A foodie’s 4 favorite restaurants near Notre Dame

By: Hannah Fronczak

Topping off the night with dessert and coffee. (Photo courtesy Stacy Srivastava)

When I decided to move to South Bend from Chicago to attend the Notre Dame MBA program, I felt like I had sentenced myself to culinary oblivion. I pictured endless cans of Ragu and soggy homemade pasta. However, from my first day on campus, I discovered many of my classmates were ardent foodies. Within the past few months, we have found a lot of local gems. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Girls’/Boys’ Night Out: Salsa’s Mexican Grill

Hands down my favorite restaurant in the South Bend area.  The interior of the restaurant alone is worth the visit – it feels like you teleported to Mexico. During the winter months when you’re knee-deep in snow, it’s a nice way to remember that sometimes it’s warm outside.  It goes without saying that the margarita pitchers aren’t half-bad either.  Continue reading “A foodie’s 4 favorite restaurants near Notre Dame”