How to prep for consulting in the Notre Dame MBA program

By: Brad Wise

(Photo courtesy Nitesh Srivastava)
(Photo courtesy Nitesh Srivastava)

Consulting is one of the most popular post-MBA career choices for incoming students each year. Here is a look at some of the resources and opportunities available for Notre Dame MBA students considering a career in consulting:


Students may select up to two of the program’s academic concentrationsTypically, students with limited pre-MBA industry experience pursue the consulting concentration plus a functional concentration. 

For example, a student targeting EY’s Finance practice or Transaction Advisory practice may choose to pursue finance as a second concentration. Alternatively, students pursuing a generalist position at Capgemini may choose finance, business analytics, or marketing as a second concentration.  Continue reading “How to prep for consulting in the Notre Dame MBA program”

Dispatches from Chile: A mod abroad

By: Steve L’Heureux

Notre Dame MBAs in Chile, 2017 (photo courtesy Steve L'Heureux)
Notre Dame MBAs in Chile in fall 2016. (Photo courtesy Steve L’Heureux)

During Mod 2 in the fall, the Notre Dame MBA program offers second-year students the opportunity to study at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile. About a dozen classmates and I are nearing the end of our stay, and I simply cannot recommend it enough. Sure, as I sip wine in Argentina or soak in the thermal springs of the Atacama Desert (all the while thinking about the students stateside unpacking their winter jackets), it seems obvious why a mod abroad in Chile beats out the alternative. But the value from the mod abroad program goes so much deeper than warm weather and full-bodied Malbecs.  Continue reading “Dispatches from Chile: A mod abroad”

Repping ND at case competitions

By: Matthew Kurtulik

The Notre Dame team at the Baylor MBA Case Competition (photo courtesy Matthew Kurtulik)

Case competitions are enriching from a personal and professional standpoint, and the abundance of opportunities such as case competitions are one of the best reasons to get a Notre Dame MBA. Case competitions are a great way to build camaraderie with your classmates, to hone your problem-solving skills, and to expand your network.

Notre Dame has a Case Competition Committee that finds case competitions and communicates those opportunities to MBA students. The competitions are hosted by other MBA programs, and they cover an array of topics ranging from stock-picking to introducing sustainability ideas in a corporate setting.  Continue reading “Repping ND at case competitions”

Beyond the MBA: ND Club Golf

By: Brad Wise

The Notre Dame Club Golf team in 2015. (Photo courtesy Brad Wise)

During our time in the Notre Dame MBA program, and especially during our first weeks on campus, we have the opportunity to hear alumni, administrators, faculty, and friends of the program speak on a variety of topics. Regardless of the issue at hand, these individuals always make a point to share their thoughts on Notre Dame as a whole – the people, the campus, the history, or a notable past experience that makes this a special place.  A central theme – a piece of advice, more accurately – runs through each commentary: “Get yourself outside of the business school to see and experience everything that Notre Dame has to offer.”

Many of my classmates have followed this advice, participating in music ensembles, theater productions, intramural sports, worship opportunities, or simply a daily walk around campus.  Continue reading “Beyond the MBA: ND Club Golf”

How Notre Dame MBAs celebrate Diwali and Day of the Dead

By: Heena Purohit

Students and staff celebrating Diwali on Nov. 2 in the Mendoza Atrium. (Photos courtesy Heena Purohit)

One of the biggest reasons I chose to attend the Notre Dame MBA program was the small class size, which would enable me to get to know my classmates beyond just their names. My classmates and I want to leave here with meaningful relationships, which involves learning from one another and sharing our backgrounds, cultures, and values. As the Indian festival of Diwali approached, the MBAA (Student Association) and the Asian MBA Club collaborated to host an event celebrating the day with the greater MBA community. Students, faculty, and staff joined together to celebrate the Indian Festival of Lights, and students spoke about the significance of the festival. It is worth noting that no Indian celebration is complete without music — and the celebrations included a dance performance by first-year MBA students. Many enjoyed scrumptious Indian food, and some left the building with henna tattoos.  Continue reading “How Notre Dame MBAs celebrate Diwali and Day of the Dead”