Badin Bog

In early spring, the snow begins to melt and the rains can be heavy, often creating soggy spots on campus.  One known area in front of Badin Hall became known as “Badin Bog.”  Comprising of the area between Badin and Walsh Halls, Badin Bog was the site of many pick-up and interhall football and baseball games and later Bookstore Basketball games.

Students playing baseball in front of Badin Hall (formerly known as St. Joseph’s Hall, before the addition of the wings), c1910s

In the 1920s, the area was purposely flooded and used as a hockey rink.

Hockey Players Brennan, Holland, and Burns on an outdoor ice rink with Badin Hall and Lemonnier Library (now called Bond Hall) in the background, 1926
Dome yearbook 1941 – Profile of Badin Hall:  “Badin on the bog. / It reaches back to the days of old Notre Dame / A self sufficient world. / Undermined by – / Brother Bookstores swindles and / Barber Bills / Here the Laundry shows its results / In brown-wrapped packages … / Humble home of Soph Grid Greats — / Proud of its oozy quagmire lawn / Badin …. / Fresh white porch on dingy grey / Mellowed interior dark by day / Touch-football games in full sway.”

The construction of the Hammes Bookstore on South Quad in 1955 (later replaced by the Coleman Morse Center in 2001) helped alleviate the flooding problems.  However, the Bullfrog mascot of Badin Hall continues to hearken back to the famous soupy surroundings.

Dome yearbook
GNDS 9/09 (Warren Baldwin Scrapbook)
GBBY 57G/0479
Badin Hall History