Crossroads Park and Fountain

During the summer of 1976, student Paul Linehan made his senior art project a reality before heading off to Harvard for graduate school. The University implemented Linehan’s design to beautify the quad enclosed by Nieuwland Science Hall, LaFortune Hall, Crowley Hall, and the Hayes Healy Center. The deign included brick-paved walkways and an hexagonal brick fountain.

Student Paul Linehan looking over plans for Crossroads Park, 1976

The Freshman Basketball Team gathered around the Crossroads Park Fountain, 1977

On May 11, 1980, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh rededicated the Crossroads Park as the Joseph W. Evans Memorial Crossroads Park in honor of the late philosophy professor.  Evans “was the founding director of the University’s Jacques Maritain Center and was the first recipient in 1969 of the Sheedy Award for Excellence in Teaching in the College of Arts and Letters” [press release in PNDP 10-Ev-1].

Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh rededicating Crossroads Park as the Joseph W. Evans Memorial Crossroads Park, 1980/0511.

In the late 1990s to early 2000s, the University re-landscaped this quad and the fountain was removed.  The plaque honoring Professor Evans has since moved to outside of Malloy Hall.

Students gathered in Crossroads Park with Crowley Hall in the background, c1970s

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