Grover Miller Scrapbook

Grover Miller was the photo editor of the 1916 Dome yearbook.  Like many other students at the time, Miller kept a scrapbook of the photos he took and collected and various ephemera he collected.  However, unlike other students, Miller’s position with the Dome meant that he collected photographs beyond his sphere of friends and interests.  Fortunately for us today, this scrapbook richly documents student and campus life at Notre Dame in the mid-1910s.

Students working on the Dome yearbook –
unidentified, Ray Humphrey, and Grover Miller, c1915

Photography was also progressing technologically, making it easier and more practical to capture action, candids, and interiors.  This technology allowed for the people’s personalities to show through the photographs.  This was more difficult to achieve in the 1800s with long exposure times and complicated chemical processes.

Two students setting wooden pins in the Walsh Hall Bowling Alley, c1915

Grover Miller donated his scrapbook to the University Archives in the 1970s and it continues to be a valuable resource as it gives a very unique insight into life at Notre Dame around 1915.

A group of students, including Frank Rydzewski, George Waage, and Ray Miller,
eating Chinese food in a dorm room?, c1915