Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Students have not always had the luxury to travel home or to other destinations over Christmas break.  Whether due to financial circumstance or University regulations, students and faculty who remained on campus held proper Christmas celebrations — from the traditional midnight mass to ice skating and gift exchanges.  Below is an account from the first volume of the student publication Scholastic of the 1867 Christmas activities at Notre Dame.

Scholastic, December 28, 1867

The University Archives, along with all other Notre Dame administrative offices, will close for the Christmas Celebration on December 23rd and reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

  1. Yes, interesting how the past and history will repeat it’s self. Can’t help but think of how the game of baseball is won and how each year baseball teams of all levels defy a new strategy to win the game differently. Don’t think baseball will change much over the next 100 years, though people and the character of players will most likely.

  2. I wonder if you took those seniors that were playing ball outside and placed them today’s senior class and played baseball at the ball field. The language would be different and probably the skill sets too, mainly due to the baseball pitching equipment that players and teams use now days.

  3. People really knew how to write back then, enjoyed the read. It would be interesting if you had a major league baseball team of today explain their Christmas season playing sports outside and placing both write ups next to each other. I think we can only imagine the difference.

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