Indianapolis 500

2011 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 and a few items regarding the early years of the Motor Speedway exist in the University of Notre Dame Archives.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Greatest Race Course in the World.  This postcard is postmarked September 1910, a year before the first Indianapolis 500-Mile Race.

In 1913 and 1914, Notre Dame student Grover Miller and a group of friends (presumably other ND students) attended the Indianapolis 500 Races.  Below are some of the photographs from his scrapbook:

A straight-away on the track, 1913
Entrance to the tunnel with the Grand Stand on the right, 1913
Scoreboard, 1913
George Britton in car #47, 1914

View of the Judges’ Stand, 1914


Notre Dame students? watching the races, including Bernie, Mike, Leos, and Mack, 1914

Racer Joe Dawson’s wrecked Marmon, car #26, 1914

Second-place winner Arthur Duray in his Peugeot, car #14, 1914

Mike and Grover Miller driving 61 miles per hour in a car, 1914
Muh and Mike eating a box picnic lunch, 1914


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