2nd Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Featured Films – Fall

1991 Student Film Fest Open (1:39)

Game Over (2:14)
Chris Welsh, Jim Costigan

Shelby Embry: Portrait of a Trucker (8:01)
Nate FitzGerald

Daisy Apples (1:09)
Bob Rogers

Bait Talk (2:08)
Jay Barry, Nate FitzGerald

The Wallet (5:13)
Greg Murphy

Loretta Murray (4:09)
Tamarin Hannon

Use What You Were Born With (:32)
John Strieder, Jason Winslade

Herman The Dead Mackeral (1:53)
John Fletcher, Greg Murphy

Constestants for the Coloma Crown (7:42)
Scott Mitsui

Patriot Spermacide (1:14)
Will Clark, Brian Geraghty

A Typical Friday Afternoon (3:27)
Joe Plonsky

Fat Shirley’s (5:51)
Nate FitzGerald

El Campito (2:27)
Timi Aguilar

Say It Like a Pro (1:43)
Steve Curtis

A Twin Peaks Conversation
Jim Costigan

Comic Book Life (3:49)
John Fletcher

Featured Films – December

Blue Jeans
Jay Barry

Flag Man (3:10)
Chris Ohlmeyer

Arsenio (2:04)
Albert Naranjo

Wake Up the Echoes (2:03)
Jim Costigan

The Elevator (2:32)
John Bruns

Karaoke Night
Ron Hogan, Bill Tolany

USA Phone
Greg Murphy

The Loss (1:44)
Shannon Roach

But Not the Hippopotamus (1:31)
John Fletcher

Class Registration (3:22)
Jay Barry

Cannondale (1:09)
Nate Fitzgerald

Ed Lowe: Kitty Litter King (3:19)
Caroline Brock, John Cook

EO-11 (2:41)
John Fletcher

R.I.P. (2:29)
Sara Shilling

The Mad Dash (2:29)
John Sierros

Marlboro Man Trailer (:47)
Scott Mitsui

The Shot (2:49)
Chris Brown

Jason Winslade

Nissan Pathfinder
Richard Caven

Animal Emergency Clinic
Moira McGee, Shannon Roach

The Exorcist
Jubba Beshin

Film Forum
John Bruns

Pat Gallagher

Bubbles and Bambi
Gabe Man

Images of South Bend (2:38)
Tim Farish

It’s Not Gameday (2:03)
Jeremy Gredone

Follow Your Bliss (6:23)
Nate Fitzgerald

The Force (3:10)
Jay Barry

Psychotic Reflections (2:22)
Pat Gallagher

Featured Films – April

Brenda (5:28)
Shawna Rheaume

The Godfather III (1:48)
Albert Naranjo

David Pasquale: Portrait of a Golfer
Chris Ohlmeyer

The Basketball (2:42)
Jim Costigan

Wayne’s Place (4:24)
Jay Barry

Notre Dame (1:07)
Brian Geraghty

Neanderthal Dreams (2:25)
Nate Fitzgerald

Tony Graffeo (7:32)
Chris May

Ted for Vans (1:23)
John Fletcher

The Man With the Invisible Crotch (:58)
Doug Heberle, Chris May

Jack in the Box (a preview) (12:39)
Mike Canzoniero

Bee Slippers (5:03)
Marc Conklin, Miguel Herta, Mike Uhran
(produced at WNDU)