“21st Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival: A Preview” – article, The Observer, 1/22/2010

21st Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival
January 21-23, 2010
Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Featured Films

Eyes To The Sky (10:45)

John Meehan, Mary Shannon Laughlin
A UFO spotting on a midwest farm prompts a “scientific” investigation from a friendly foursome of civilian UFO sleuths

The Hospital Ward (4:00)

Joe Gleason, Krissy Estrada
Play imitates life in this graceful tale of a WWII soldier, a nurse, and the family back home. 

Artzainak: Shepherds and Sheep (17:06)

Javi Zubizaretta, Jacob Griswold
High up in the mountains of Idaho, immigrants earn their wages in solitude as the quiet caretakers of thousands of serene sheep.

(Non)fiction (6:42)

Dan Moore, Michelle Notardonato
A lonely scribe struggles with his words, especially when they come back to haunt him. 

Delegation (12:10)

Patrick Berry, Bob Greenfield
Singing and dancing from Illinois to Nashville, a high school showchoir hopes to bring home the national crown.  **6:30 p.m. show only.

The Rich Weirdoes (11:31)

Ryan Geldermann, Kate Arnold
A group of social outcasts find their niche in Orlando, FL as one of a handful of troupes still keeping alive the tradition of the ’70s midnight classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. **9:30 p.m. show only.

Little Shadow (3:14)

Javi Zubizaretta, Lora O’Shaughnessy
A Basque poem of love and torment comes to agonizing life in the cell of a tortured prisoner. 

Sitters (17:47)

Mikalyn Steinbrueck, Zhibin Dai
In northern California, two peaceful protesters set up residence in the branches of a towering redwood in an attempt to save the tree and its surroundings from corporate clearcutters. 

Mr. Bundy (5:21)

Hank Voge, Michelle Carlisle
Cheaters never prosper…and sometimes it’s worse. 

Subtext (3:16)

Aeden Fortes, Viviana Kim
Did you ever wonder what she really meant when she said that? Now you know. 

Trunk (8:18)

Alex Wheeler, Mark Lyons
In Portland, Oregon a zookeeper bonds with his elephant in a most artistic way.  

Winner of 2010 U.S. International Film and Video Festival Student Award.

Tower Two (4:15)

Paul Dechant, Marie Wicht
A couple can’t connect at a fateful moment that wiped away so many dreams. 

Fr. Chris’s Candles (12:30)

Dan Milan, Michael Augsberger, Chase Malloy
Amidst the shadow of immigration raids, Fr. Chris Cox works to bring dignity and education to a Hispanic community on South Bend’s west side.  **6:30 p.m. show only.

The Documentarian (10:00)

Nick Andert, Krissy Estrada
Director becomes subject in this glimpse into the L.A. life of Patrick Creadon, one of the country’s most successful documentary filmmakers.  **9:30 p.m. show only.

Welcome To Hell (12:33)

Claire Musica, Elise Yahner
Three hours away from the Notre Dame campus, it’s a cold day in Hell….Michigan, that is. (12:33)

Meet The Pedens (8:49)

Patrick Montalvo, Lora O’Shaughnessy
…or “How I Learned to Live in a Missile Silo”.
A couple in Topeka, Kansas calls a decomissioned 1960s atomic missile silo, Home Sweet Home.  (online only)

Gametime (10:10)

Clayton Smith, Rich Molina
A look behind the scenes at the NBC broadcast of Notre Dame football. (online only)

Knights of Cyberspace (8:16)

Mychal Stanley, Dylan McEnerney
A cybercafe in Mishawaka is the scene of a nightly Warcraft ritual. (online only)

Routine (4:19)

John Harig, Erin Zacek
A ballet dancer looks at herself in the mirror and doesn’t like who’s looking back.  (online only)

The Jazz Bar (2:37)

Paul Dechant, Marie Wicht
Be careful who you buy that drink for at the bar.  (online only)

Lyndsay (4:03)

Hank Voge, Michelle Carlisle
Unnerving and unrelenting, life’s crossroads chase a recent graduate. (online only)