“Student Film Festivities” – review, The Observer, 1/2/7/14

25th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival 
January 23-25, 2014
6:30 & 9:30 PM
Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Featured Films
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Chicks (7:36)

Claire Stephens, Frank Schadt
Joe College picks the wrong farm to pull a poultry prank.

Ash (8:17) 

Ray Herrly, Pat Nguyen
A loner finds himself in the middle of nowhere.

Gimp (10:17) 

Camille Muth, Hunter Speese
To most people, Toronto writer Aaron Broverman is a person with a disability. He would like to change that perception.

Lilith’s Game (10:57) 

Anthony Patti, Johnny Whichard
Someone has been playing video games for far too long.

Winner- People’s Choice Award- 2016 Mission Viejo Film Festival

Rice Bag (5:34)

Megan Kozak, Daniel Garcia de Paredes
A burlap sack, a banana, and a beach.

Discordance (5:32) 

Lauren Josephson, Zach Ostapchenko, Mary Kate Holmes, Colton Williamson
A campus love story in pianissimo.

The Suicide Disease (16:14) 

Will Neal, Katie Mattie, Vincent Moore
Frances Shavers had a wonderful life as a top administrator at the University of Notre Dame. Then, a rare nerve disorder changed everything.

Winner of the 2014 NDSFF Audience Choice Award
Winner: 2014 Sunset International Film Festival BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY
Official Selection: Reality Bytes Independent Student Film Festival, CSWE Virtual Film Festival.

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Dinner For None (6:18) 

Kurt Zhuang, Chris Silvestri
A summer thunderstorm crashes into an eerie dark tale.

Unexpected Fortune (8:37) 

Will Neal, Nick Desmone
A slow day at the Seven-Eleven, or so she thought.

The Last Free Place (12:30) 

Madeline Basil, Chris Holmes, Zach Ostapchenko
On an abandoned military base in the Colorado Desert, a resourceful community of “Slabbers” lives on the fringe of society.  

Official Selection: Reality Bytes Independent Student Film Festival, Princeton Film Festival, Anchorage International Film Festival.

A Quiet Day At The Park (3:15) 

Mikey Nichols, Joey Doyle, Megan Flynn, Caroline Clark, Nick Goldsmith
In spandex, no one can hear you scream.

Unearthed  (9:28)

Mackenzie Hightower, Amanda Dudzinski
Hauntingly poetic, a search for solace under one roof. 

The Wormhole (6:25) 

Colton Williamson
A distant relative of HAL 9000 sends everything down the drain.

My Neighbor Ned (11:07)

Andrew Cheng, Marty Flavin
While preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, Jesse gets his wish.