4th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Featured Films

Intro (1:14)

Where’s My Watch
Andrew Kris

XYZ Affair “Chance” (4:17)
Greg Murphy, Chris Ohlmeyer, Jim Costigan

Final Exam (2:27)
Brian Antonson

Out of Silence (3:12)
Patrick Gallagher

Schubert Quartet (4:00)
John Bruns

Canimation (silent) (3:19)
John Hinding

A Meal for a Heel (4:48)
John Sierros

Her (5:44)
Chris Brown

Popsicle Thief (3:02)
Stuart Nicholai

Good Feeling (4:03)
Chris Ohlmeyer

High Hat (4:53)
Patrick Gallagher

Niles Street (7:04)
Gabe Man

48 Hours (2:43)
Shannon Roach

Jitters (2:35)
Tricia Joseph

Tooth Fairy
Mike Canzoniero

Cosmic Balls (1:33)
Brian Antonson, Caroline Brock

The Tourist
Jim McIntyre

The Weighlifter
Bob Blackwell

Chris Welsh

Stuart Nicholai

Cards (1:58)
Gabe Man

Martine (3:12)
Patrick Gallagher

Laying in the Grass (2:53)
John Sierros

Hmm… (silent) (2:39)
Andy Weiss

Last Train Home (5:27)
Jay Barry

One Day in a Bookstore
Chris Brown

Jello (4:37)
Stephen Susco

Finance 371 (silent) (2:37)
Michael Swanson

You Will Pay (5:44)
John Sierros

Club Fear (2:52)
Caroline Brock

Ending (:44)