32nd Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival: Quarantined!
Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Thursday April 29 at 7:30 pm
Friday, April 30 at 7:30 pm
Saturday, May 1 at 7:30 pm
Sunday, May 2 at 7:00 pm*
Livestream on FTT YouTube Channel (Sunday May 2nd 7pm only)
*Audience Choice Award presented after the 7:00 screening on Sunday, May 2. Online viewers will also be able to vote for the Audience Choice Award.

Attendance limited to Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff.

Halfway through the spring semester in 2020, Notre Dame sent its students home due to the pandemic, and classes were taught online. Without access to FTT equipment, students made films with their phones as cameras, their families as actors. In the fall, though back at Notre Dame, they were restricted to filming while socially distanced within the confines of campus. Numerous times, crew and cast members were quarantined for weeks.

The 32nd Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival: Quarantined is a collection of films made during this unprecedented time,” says festival founder and FTT faculty member Ted Mandell. “It’s a time capsule of the campus atmosphere and a testament to our students’ creativity, resilience, and perseverance.”

The 32nd Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Running Time: Approximately 115 min.
Some films contain mature content.

Featured Films

Our Year (4:27)
Ana Wolfermann
On New Year’s Eve 2019, life was feeling great.

Singing Through The Masks (10:59)
Mariella Stephens
With live theatre shut down, senior Ronnie Mansour stages her original musical in a most peculiar way.

Busted (7:27)
Grace Beutter
There’s got to be a morning after. 

Gatekeeper (5:43)
Joel Mandell, Laila Ibrahim
They never witnessed a football season like 2020, but they’ve witnessed just about everything else.

Carved (3:56)
Briana Avila
A very heady Halloween. 

Scott – no relation (17:51)
Scott Kiley
It’s hard to be funny during a pandemic. 

*2021 Audience Choice Award
View Scott – no relation

Home (4:56)
Ivan Skvaril, Bella Martinez, William Ventura-Chavez, Parker Jochum, Peter Dore
Sent home for the semester, five students capture quarantine life in 60 seconds.

Kurt (5:31)
Nate Robards
Lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse.

Full Peal (5:24)
Parker Jochum, Abby Stokes
The bells of the Basilica are usually heard not seen….until now.

Scissors (2:49)
Bella Martinez
The dark side of scrapbooking.

The Dating Class (11:31)
Lizzie Todd, JD Carney
At Notre Dame, you can go on a date…and get extra credit for it.

21. across (9:17)
Kilian Vidourek
A man goes through his daily routine. Things get bizarre.

Self Entertainment (4:44)
Brendan Gage
Quarantined at home, with your phone as a camera.

Alone Together (8:00)
Michael Enright, Grace Akin
In fall 2020, students returned to campus…as an isolated community.

Chow Time / Study Buddy (6:37)
Hugh Flynn, Kelsey Allen
“Animatics” are a guide for creating an eventual finished animated film. Along with scriptwriting, the animatic is the first step in planning/visualizing the story before the actual production begins, which can take years.

Supply and Demand (2:12)
Parker Jochum
A short about a shortage.