“Student Film Festival Comes To DPAC”– article, The Observer, 1/24/13

24th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival 
January 24-26,  2013
6:30 and 9:30 PM
Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Total run time: Approximately 113 minutes

Featured Films
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Journey of a Pen (11:48)

Kathleen Bracke, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Kelsie Kiley
The realities of high school as seen through the travels of a ball point pen.

Amie’s Image (7:45)

Nicole Timmerman, Erin Moffitt, Elizabeth Kellogg
The outlet of art provides inspiration for a woman struggling to make ends meet in Chicago.

Three’s a Crowd (4:25)

Eileen Chong
Feelings are hard to explain, and even harder to forget.

Shadowpainting (4:59)

Katie Mattie, Fiora O’Meara
Painting with someone looking over your shoulder is not a good idea.

The Lost Pastime (13:51)

Grace Carini, Marty Flavin, Andrew Cheng
A group of baseball purists resurrect a version of America’s pastime not seen since the 1800s.


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Sleeper (8:07)

Vincent Moore, Greg Doonan
Something is in the house while he’s sleeping… and the prescribed solution isn’t solving the problem.

The Sculptor (7:50)

Suzann Petrongolo, Duncan Smith, Zachary Smith
For two years, Andrew Wilson Smith spends his time chipping away at the facades of a monastery on the plains.

Sinking (4:02)

Ashley Puffer
A love story of oral hygiene.

Undecided (5:12)

Eileen Chong, Shelley Kim
An Asian woman faces a cosmetic decision that she hopes will change her future.

Scarves and Crosses (11:57)

Bri Neblung, Collin Erker, Siobhan Martinez
A unique look into the lives of three Muslim students practicing their faith on a Catholic campus.

Mimesis (7:45)

Sara McGuirk, Dan Garcia de Paredes
There is no invention in the poet, until he…or she…is possessed.

Clergy (8:33)

Zuri Eshun, Blake Avery
Haunting and powerful, an inner battle tears at the heart of a young priest.

Out of the Ashes (7:52)

Johnny Whichard, Ana Christian, Pat Nguyen
The residents of Mannford, Oklahoma try to cope with life, four months after a wildfire destroys their town.

Unseeing (5:07)

Raymond Herrly
A dreamy saunter down the railroad tracks comes to a crossroads.

Talk It Out (4:50)

Camille Muth, Will Neal
Things just aren’t working out for us….right?

The following films were available for viewing online only

First Day of Spring (16:11)

Bri Neblung, Siobhan Martinez, Andrew Cheng
The four seasons of a springtime courtship. (ONLINE only)

Locked (4:38)

Nicole Sganga, Kai Gayoso
A found locket holds more than just luck in it. (ONLINE only)

Games (5:30)

Claire Stephens, Jacqueline Ruiz
A Facebook stalker gets the tables turned. (ONLINE only)

National Hero (6:41)

Frank Schadt, Eric O’Donnell
Faced with life inside an oppressed country, a diver makes a choice at an international meet. (ONLINE only)

Corbin (6:50)

Troy Suter, Hunter Speese
Being a birdman on campus isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. (ONLINE only)