3rd Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Featured Films

Tips for Life (5:40)
Greg Murphy, Jim Costigan, John Fletcher

Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine (2:52)
Albert Naranjo, Richard Caven, Scott Mitsui

The Gaze (2:24)
Shannon Roach

Solitaire (2:36)
Jeremy Gredone

Be Like Mike (1:08)
Bill Tolany

Spirit of Yoga
Pat Gallagher

A Family Affair (4:20)
Debbie Boulac, Nate Fitzgerald, Tamarin Hannon

See A Penny
Greg Murphy

Empty Harvest (1:19)
Caroline Brock

Dead Even (12:11)
Richard Caven

The 900 Line (:45)
Mark Berrettini

The Missing Piece
Nate Fitzgerald

The Marlboro Man (3:51)
Scott Mitsui

My Home In America (2:40)
Michael Swanson

King Kong Bong (2:03)
Jeremy Gredone

Transpo Driver (16:57)
Jay Barry, Chris Ohlmeyer, Jubba Beshin

Conformity (2:02)
Gabe Man

On Harp and Feet (3:08)
Shannon Roach

Kuklos (1:12)
John Sierros

Passion Tube (1:58)
Pat Gallagher

The Eighth Mark (3:24)
Chris Ohlmeyer

They’re In My Head (2:55)
Gabe Man

Love Has Its Priests In the Poets (7:50)
Nate Fitzgerald

For the Riders of the American Highway (5:19)
John Sierros

Cars, Cars, Cars (1:02)
John Sierros

Camp Crystal Lake Safety Tips (1:56)
Brian Antonson

Student World Premiere Part 1 (1:52)

Student World Premiere Part 2 (:43)

Student World Premiere Part 3 (:59)

Student World Premiere Part 4 (1:02)

Student World Premiere Part 5 (3:15)