17th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival
January 20-22, 2006

Featured Films
(Total running time approximately 115 minutes)

Two Dollar Ride (13:59)
Jan Wohrle, Lyndsey Grunewald

Get to know local taxi driver David Noble, better known to his dedicated riders as “Super Dave”, as he spends the night shuttling Notre Dame students from bar to bar. (2005)

Layer 18,653 (14:52)
Eric Houston, Ryan Rogers, Jimmy O’Connell

Three college students venture across the plains of Indiana in search of Guinness Record holder Mike Carmichael, caretaker of the World’s Largest Ball of Paint. They find there’s a bit more to his story than just 18,653 coats of latex. (2005)

Skiing For Love (13:57)
Rob Tenniswood, Dan Young, Jim Moran

College senior Dan Young is loveless. Before he graduates from Notre Dame, his suave buddy John Hart takes him out to the slopes of Swiss Valley to fix his problem. The result is much less than smooth skiing. (2005)

Everyone Here (10:52)
Hatti Lim, Rob Shelley

Filmmakers Hatti Lim and Rob Shelley examine the South Bend underground music scene featuring the music of singer Nate Trimboli. (2005)

Childhood (5:30)
Monica Engel, Katherine Zackel

A young girl remembers a terrifying incident from her past: living in a cheap apartment in a rough part of town, one evening a stranger tried to crash through the front door. The girl watches through what seemed an eternity as her father struggles to keep the intruder out. Confusion and anger are not resolved when she later learns that the intruder was their next door neighbor who, inebriated, thought he was at his own front door. (2005)

I’ll Fly Away (10:28)
Dan Bulger, Mikala Engel

An elegant meditation on the closing of a monastery: three monks who have lived in silence now face the complicated world outside their cloistered and serene home. When two of them meet later, we see that the world is complex and disappointing, speech is difficult and their choices are far from clear. (2005)

Case History (7:51)
John Klein, Mike Molenda

With unerring rigor, the filmmakers present a strict account of the arrest of a priest — a popular teacher — accused of visiting a child pornography website. He accepts the consequences — harsh limits on his freedom, constant surveillance and community censure — and prays for guidance and understanding. (2005)

Senior-etta (8:38)
Brittny Heinrich, Nobel Robinettte

Not quite as in “Singing in the Rain”, nevertheless four college singers — a soprano, alto, tenor and bass — sing their silly way through elaborate mating games and romantic sniping in this delightful and funky gloss on that unique American movie genre, “the musical.” (2005)

Possession (5:40)
Erin Westcott, Emily Gorski

A small time electronics robber finds his apartment turn into a scene from Planet of the Appliances. (2005)

Deliver Me (6:31)
Lisa Goepfrich, Jake Imm

Peering through the cracks of endless front doors, a loner delivery boy finds himself involved with one of the recipients of his nightly pizza. (2005)

M&M In The Middle (6:39)
Michael Crocker, Mikala Engel

A home cooked proposal turns bad for a desperate bachelor in this screwball comedy. (2005)

Variable 17 (5:12)
Brandon Kusz, Elyse Allen

A stylish sci-fi thriller about an innocent man caught with the wrong lady. (2005)