13th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival
January 24-26, 28, 2002

Still Life (8:54)
Dustin Park and Brian Scofield
A coincidental meeting by a funeral goer and a photographer sheds light on the phrase “art imitating life.” (2001)

Train Station-Day (13:15)
Rob Bonella and Matt Peters

Lament (7:50)
Brent Buckman and Matt Reilly

Jack (4:58)
Jeremy Renteria

Checkout (3:30)
Juli Baron

This Time, You’ll Watch Me On You (8:15)
Maggie Moran

DGM Inc. Investments (8:02)
Andy Gregar and Dan Nowak

L’Faire (4:23)
Peter Richardson and Beth Leliaert

Return (5:30)
Ryan White and Charles Holden-Corbett

Oh, For The Love (4:57)
Jeremy Sony and Brian Skorney

Flirtations (3:25)
Alex Grunewald and Dan Ackerman

Fatal Error (7:42)
Brian Galla and Adam Weltler

FTT Encore Film
Martin the Locksmith
Greg Parsons, Chad Schaffler, Shawn Nolen (14:18)