6th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Featured Films

Pocket Guide to White Suburban Youth
Stuart Nicolai, Jim McIntyre

Marc Killygus, Sal Cilella

Pop Loser
Justin Mitchell, Jennifer Earls

It’s A Sound, You See
Fred Dini

Coat Hanger Blues
Chad Tomasoski, Mark Poisella

Where I’m From
J. Yuseff Rall, Stephanie Sullivan

Walk of Shame
Fred Dini, Jennifer Earls

51819 Waterford Lane
Sonia Weber

Alive With Pleasure
J. Yuseff Rall, Bryan Brucks

Obedience File #843
Sal Cilella, Greg Parsons

Imagination of the Nation
Matt Orsagh

Burt’s Riff
Chad Tomasoski, Mark Poisella

Justin Mitchell, Greg Parsons

Science of the Lube
Justin Mitchell

Caimien Quigley

Sonia Weber

The School
Marc Hillygus, Fred Dini