Sundance Of South Bend – film fest review, The Observer, 1/20/12

23rd Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival 
January 19-21, 2012 
6:30 and 9:30 PM
Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Featured Films
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King of the Park (7:37)

Marty Flavin, Megan Kozak
Come one, come all to Ye Battle of the Dueling Park Performers. 

Worn Souls (5:47)

Siobhan Martinez, Jon Simpkins
A touching and bittersweet tale of a couple’s journey through love and loss. 

The Talker  (2:52)

Will Thwaites, Ryan Taylor, Jimmy Long
On the court and in the classroom, women’s basketball player Brittany Mallory gets her message across. 

Cassette  (5:49)

Kurt Zhuang, Rob Schaus
Isolated in a post apocalyptic world, a lone soldier has one thing to hold onto. 

Roundabout  (8:20) 

Will Thwaites, Alissa Ott
The pressures of a child custody hearing take their toll on a mother trying to keep it together. 

Valentrippin  (4:24)

Sara McGuirk
A modern day Chaplin tries some campus romance the old school way.

Project Hopeful  (12:20)

Kelsie Kiley, Grace Johnson
A woman in Illinois with seven biological children has chosen to double the size of her family in a most inspiring way, and she helps others to do so as well. 

WINNER- Best Picture- College Competition, 2012 Re:Image Film Festival.
Official Selection- Reality Bytes Film Fest, Ivy Film FestivalNew Hope Film Fest, LA Awareness Festival.

Flip  (5:10)

Chris Silvestri, Kathleen Bracke
A solitary, rhythmic day turns on a flip as business finds art for a fleeting moment. 

Virus  (8:15)

Kelsie Kiley, Sean O’Rourke
Orwell and Metropolis meet Notre Dame. 

Krumnow vs. Krumnow  (10:31)

Will Thwaites, Deanna Abrash
The mayor of a tiny town in Ohio seeks re-election, only to be opposed by his laid back brother. 

Look Away  (6:33)

Luis Ibarra, Brendan Fitzpatrick
Mind games haunt a student searching for the lady in red. 

Miller’s Vets  (9:17)

Ryan Taylor, Chris Parr, Jimmy Long
A band of local military veterans with a common dilemma find strength in each other. 

Torn  (3:53)

Blake Avery
Student. Woman. Study. Party.

Soles  (6:32)

Collin Erker, Nicole Timmerman
A love story told from the bottom up. 

Some Serious Work  (3:07)

Chris Parr, Deanna Abrash
Kat Rodriguez is one of the many Notre Dame women who’ve made boxing their sport of choice. 

Triple Threat  (4:09)

Grace Carini, Caroline Maroney
A superbad roomie ignites a superbad dorm room argument.

Pushed (online only at itunes.nd.edu) (8:37)

Jon Baeckstrom, Pat Berry
A lawyer’s work lie crosses paths with his role as a parent. 

I Do This For You (online only at itunes.nd.edu)  (8:50)

Latifah Cato, Janice James
When her father falls upon hard times, a daughter tries to do the right thing. 

Amazing Experience (online only at itunes.nd.edu)  (4:09)

Duncan Smith, Andrew Cheng
Action thriller or playground time, it’s all kids play.