10th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival
January 22-23, 25, 1999
7:30 and 9:45 pm (7:30 only on Monday)

Featured Films

Ryan Lutterbach
A mesmerizing trip through the minds of strangers on a street frozen in an instant of time. Best of Show winner at the 1999 Hometown Cinema Festival, featured film at the iFILM website, and played at the ’99 Microcinefest in Baltimore. (5:25) SFF1999

The Seeds 
Tom Hartmann and Jim Blaum
A near-future account of Judgment Day. Jesus Christ returns to earth in an Armani suit, gives a press conference, and then, as the Bible foretold, “turns out the lights” on almost all of humanity, but not before planting a few new seeds. (9:59) SFF1999

Ryan Victor’s Senior Thesis
Jeff Spoonhower and Denis Hurley
A hilarious autobiographical retrospective of a self-proclaimed future world-changer and his not-brief-enough filmography. (14:57) SFF1999

We Appollogize 
Teri Mutch and David Whelan
A broad, punning farce about painter’s block and the chance remedy exercised by a temp muse who answers to the God Apollo. (14:57) SFF1999

Big White Box
Jon Adler
Intramural racquetball taken a bit too seriously by a Darth Vader wannabe. (6:05) SFF1999

Minimum Wage Wrangler
Ben Savage
Working at the local superstore, a part-time teen turns gathering shopping carts into a job for a Western hero. (4:09) SFF1999

Une Vraie Romance
Christy Smith and Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece
Poking great and silly fun at our fantasies of “french-nicity”, especially in matters of love, Romance translates the most banal and romantic tragedy from the real French to the phony, from Paris to the back alleys of South Bend, IN. (8:10) SFF1999

Cinema History In Three Acts
Stuart Smith and Jenn Breslow
A wild meditation on the process of cinema history over the last 103 years, taking up the movement from silent cinema to the musical to television. (6:05) SFF1999

Pete Byrne and Jamie Berzai
Two grown men turn a simple chess match into a tussle of toys and egos. (2:31) SFF1999

Incomplete Film About Abuse
Andy Ankowski and Dan Chucta
A radical glimpse of the problem of child abuse, that, with certain visual omissions, asks the audience to imagine, on its own, this particular torture and queries what is produced. (5:03) SFF1999

National Pastime
Tom Hartmann and Jim Blaum
A middle aged man takes time out to re-live some little league memories in a daydream which comes to life. (3:40) SFF1999

Ramona’s Roses
Tom Hartmann and Emily Merkler
Selling roses becomes a con job for a beautiful blonde and her boyfriend. (2:43) SFF1999

Radio Play 
Joan Sullivan and Jamie Berzai
A formal and even scary film about the exponentially increasing use of legal drugs for all the perceived ills we suffer.(6:10) SFF1999

We Walk Out of Our House
Pete Byrne and Ken O’Keefe
A mocking film about class blindness. We who drive to work curse the construction guy; curse the fast food workers; curse the janitor in the restroom…without even thinking about it. (6:53) SFF1999

Fish Story
Andy Ankowski and Jenn Breslow
Fishing from a bridge during a lunch break, a businessman goes from being the hunter to being the hunted. (3:47)SFF1999

How To Die
Matthew King
With gentle but black humor, the tale of a family dealing with the death of their grandmother: The grandson plies the old woman with questions of philosophical significance, while two aunts, already in mourning, sit in the parlor addressing announcements for the funeral. (7:46) SFF1999