5th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival

Student Film Festival Rudy Intro (1:39)

Student Film Festival Intro2 (1:29)

Student Film Festival Intro3 (:14)

Student Film Festival Intro4 (:17)

Student Film Festival Intro5 (:40)

Featured Films – September

Untitled (9:46)
Stuart Nicolai

College U. (5:44)
Jeremy Rall, Bryan Brucks

Ryan Leahy, Matt Orsagh

Journey We More (2:43)
Chad Tomasoski
Winner of Best Student Experimental Video, Canadian International Film Festival, 1994

For the Lady On the Golden Dome (9:26)
Greg Parsons

Most Women (7:05)
Caimien Quigley, Stephanie Sullivan

Is Your Money That Good?
Jim McIntyre, David Hernandez

Andalusiaville (9:13)
Kirsten Kearse, Mark Berrettini

A Soup Opera [clip from 1984] (1:57)
Andy Cier

Any Shoe, Any Time (2:09)
Fred Dini

Team Diversity (8:40)
Bob Blackwell, Bill Kruse

Winter (21:37)
Andy Kris, Aimee Barnas
Winner Best of Show, 1994 Indiana Film Society Awards

Featured Films – January

Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Andy Kris

Erica Deiparine

Blind (5:03)
Elizabeth Macor

Cable Ready (5:19)
Mark Poisella, Chad Tomasoski

This Is Jane (13:46)
Angela Statz

Andrew Weiss

Billy Boy (2:42)
Mark Poisella

Toys Will Be Toys (6:30)
Brian Antonson

Angry Piece In Nine (4:34)
Bob Blackwell

Beef (:40)
Miguel Casillas

If You Know What I Mean (4:26)
Aimee Barnas, Kirsten Kearse

May 3, 1993
Erica Deiparine

The Fax Is Even Weirder
Mark Berrettini

Mr. H (:34)
Bob Blackwell

Faith (11:40)
Stephen Susco

Bob (:34)
Elizabeth Macor

Seventeenth House On the Left (5:05)
Stuart Nicolai, William Kruse

Come Undone (5:27)
Steve Boness

Smooth Smoke (2:39)
Jeremy Rall

Franklin, David (4:08)
Sonia Weber

Dear John (7:01)
Andrew Weiss

Until the Year 2000 (1:06)
Andy Kris

The New Father (9:54)
Pat Gallagher, Greg Murphy