8th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival
January 24-25, 1997
7:30 and 9:45 pm

Featured Films

Mrs. Malaco
Joey Crawford and Anthony Hovorka
Ricky, a 12 year- old kid, attempts to torture neighbor and tabloid junkie, Mrs. Malaco, by deluding her into thinking that a space ship has landed in her front yard and is waiting to take her off to a better place..then again maybe it is. (6:20) SFF1997

Matt Pollack and Julieta Aguilera
An extraordinary love story without words. A mid- week afternoon finds a couple slipping out of their respective offices for an afternoon together at home. (7:02) SFF1997

Love, Dad
Mike Kurinsky and Scott Baker
Starting as a minor complaint against all those self-involved Dads whose wives perpetually sign “Love, Dad” for them on their children’s birthday cards, this film turns into a full-fledged Oedipal rant, with violent consequences for fathers everywhere. (7:09) SFF1997

Eat Mate Die
M-K Kennedy and Brent DiCrescenzo
A darkly humorous take on a futuristic 21st century of test-tube babies and cloned sheep. (8:43) SFF1997

Sarah and The Machine
Christine Criscuolo and Jim McNamee
A misogynist male God figure does everything in his power to keep a working-class woman from mastering the computer. (7:01) SFF1997

Anthony Hovorka
Rollerblader Molly Sharp, demonstrates to the camera how she works up, and down, her slickest acrobatic feats. (3:16) SFF1997

Full Frontal 
Jennifer Crescenzo and Jim McNamee
An elegant discourse on nude modeling from a female point of view, lip-synched on camera by a male. (6:05) SFF1997

Emotion Design
Brett Paton
Three accomplished 2-D and 3-D animated video designs for campus organizations. (2:42) SFF1997

Martin the Locksmith
Greg Parsons, Shawn Nolen, and Chad Schaffler
A low-budget production crew turns a documentary about a non-descript locksmith into a hilarious shout-fest between the director, cinematographer, and audio engineer. (14:18) SFF1997

At the Clinic: Upstairs
Lydia Antonini and Erin Trahan
A glimpse into the possible future where planned parenthood clinics are forced to use weapons to protect women from violent protesters. (5:43) SFF1997

Chrotsmas Syr
Jeff Spoonhower
An off-beat video about an insecure undergrad who serves up ramen noodles and disturbing conversation to his blind date before the holiday dance. (3:34) SFF1997

For Example
M-K Kennedy and Jennifer Crescenzo
Formal conversations that examine race relations from a different point-of-view. (8:27) SFF1997

ICT cable
Alan Smith, Kevin Loncar, and Jon Thorn
Ever think that there’s nothing on TV and your cable company is trying to con you into thinking that there really is? (5:58) SFF1997

M-K Kennedy
Sweet insight into the problem of teaching young children how to tie their shoes. (3:15) SFF1997

Gina Vecchione and Jennifer Porst
Three simple conversations between women where a certain derogatory term is used in almost every sentence, in almost every way. A humorous comment on how we speak. (5:41) SFF1997

Leather Coat 
Lydia Antonini and Matt Pollack
A fraught melodrama ensues when a brand new leather coat is donated to a shivering homeless woman and yuppy boyfriend Rick discovers that yuppy girlfriend, Celia, has given his expensive present away. (8:58) SFF1997