7th Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival
January 26-27, 1996
7:30 and 9:45 pm

Featured Films

Christie Criscuolo and Shawn Forry
A couple takes a nightmarish road trip where they can’t stop hitting small critters crossing the road. (8:40) SFF1996

Film Nine
Alan Smith
The film’s main Gen-X character is so obnoxious that the director must enter the movie to straighten him out. (8:00) SFF1996

Kevin Loncar and Brian Faiola
Structured as a children’s storybook tale, about a native American boy who longs for the purety of the early tribes when confronted with a more contemporary version. (9:58) SFF1996

Vicki, Hypothetically 
Brett Boessen and Nicole DeFalco
Two daughters have to say good-bye to their dying mother. (5:58) SFF1996

Jon Thorn, Brian Faiola, and Carrie Grafton
What if famous movie scenes took place in the restroom? (7:22) SFF1996

Christie Criscuolo
A sweet portrait of young children learning to swim. (4:09) SFF1996

Jon Thorn and Jen Earls
An inner look at the life of a white male adolescent who’s living under the radar. (7:34) SFF1996

Raw Scoop
Fred Dini
A wacky tabloid TV spoof about Bob’s Savings and Loan, a bank that seems to spend all the money of its investors.(10:19) SFF1996

Bookstore Hero
Alan Smith and Douglas Metz
The beat poets return to advise a prisoner locked up in a cell. (7:26) SFF1996

Mrs. Lucas
Kevin Loncar and Warren Junium
Mrs. Lucas is quitting teaching and she’ll tell you why. (8:20) SFF1996

Jack ET AL
Douglas Metz
Told through the eyes of his girlfriend, Jack’s college life is a struggle for his own identity. (7:28) SFF1996

Wash, Listen, Learn
Jon Thorn
A look inside the daily routine at ND’s St. Michael Laundry. (5:20) SFF1996

Staeling Past Oedipal Love
Chad Schaffler and Shawn Nolen
An animal thief meets up with a detached soul searching for meaning in his life. (6:07) SFF1996