Pot-Luck Picnic and Mini-Disc Golf Tournament

The 5th Annual Hesburgh Libraries Pot-Luck Picnic And Mini-Disc Tournament was an unqualified success. Around seventy-five people met to share a meal and themselves. I believe this was the biggest year for the tournament with about a dozen teams represented. Team Hanstra took away the trophy after a sudden death playoff against Team Procurement. Both teams had scores of 20. “Congrats, Team Hanstra! See you next year.”

disc golfers

Disc Golfers

From the picnic’s opening words:

Libraries are not about collections. Libraries are not about public service. Libraries are not about buildings and spaces. Libraries are not about books, journals, licensed content, nor computers. Instead, libraries are about what happens when all of these things are brought together into a coherent whole. None of these things are more important than the others. None of them come before the others. They are all equally important. They all have more things in common than differences.

That is what this picnic is all about. It is about sharing time together and appreciating our similarities. Only through working together as a whole will we be able to accomplish our goal — providing excellent library services to this, the great University of Notre Dame.

Gotta go. Gotta throw.

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