The Distant Reader and a Web-based demonstration

The following is an announcement of a Web-based demonstration to the Distant Reader:

Please join us for a web-based demo and Q&A on The Distant Reader, a web-based text analysis toolset for reading and analyzing texts that removes the hurdle of acquiring computational expertise. The Distant Reader offers a ready way to onboard scholars to text analysis and its possibilities. Eric Lease Morgan (Notre Dame) will demo his tool and answer your questions. This session is suitable for digital textual scholars at any level, from beginning to expert.

The Distant Reader: Reading at scale

The Distant Reader is a tool for reading. It takes an arbitrary amount of unstructured data (text) as input, and it outputs sets of structured data for analysis — reading. Given a corpus of just about any size (hundreds of books or thousands of journal articles), the Distant Reader analyzes the corpus, and outputs a myriad of reports enabling the researcher to use and understand the corpus. Designed with college students, graduate students, scientists, or humanists in mind, the Distant Reader is intended to supplement the traditional reading process.

This presentation outlines the problems the Reader is intended to address as well as the way it is implemented on the Jetstream platform with the help of both software and personnel resources from XSEDE. The Distant Reader is freely available for anybody to use at

Other Distant Reader links of possible interest include:

‘Hope to see you there?

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