Serial publications with editors at Notre Dame

This is a list of serial publications (journals, yearbooks, magazines, newsletters, etc.) whose editorial board includes at least one person from the University of Notre Dame. This is not a complete list, and if you know of other titles, then please drop me a line:

  1. Actroterion
  2. American Journal Of Jurisprudence
  3. American Midland Naturalist
  4. American Political Thought
  5. Analyst
  6. Analytical Chemistry
  7. Applied Preventative Psychology
  8. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics
  9. Behavior Genetics
  10. Beyond Politics
  11. Biomicrofluidics
  12. Bulletin De Philosphie Mediévalé
  13. Cognitive Psychology
  14. Conflict Resolution
  15. Current Drug Targets
  16. Faith And Philosophy
  17. International Yearbook Of German Idealism
  18. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
  19. Journal Of Biblical Literature
  20. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
  21. Journal Of College and University Law
  22. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition
  23. Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies
  24. Journal Of Legislation
  25. Journal Of Modern Russian History and Historiography
  26. Journal of Moral Education
  27. Journal of Multivariate Analysis
  28. Journal of Organic Chemistry
  29. Journal Of Philosophical Research
  30. Journal of Physical Chemistry A
  31. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
  32. Journal Of Religion and Literature
  33. Journal Of Undergraduate Research
  34. Kellogg Institute Working Papers
  35. Mobilization
  36. Mobilizing Ideas
  37. Multivariate Behavioral Research
  38. Nineteenth Century Context
  39. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
  40. Notre Dame Journal of International & Comparative Law
  41. Notre Dame Journal Of Law, Ethics, And Public Policy
  42. Notre Dame Law Review
  43. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
  44. Notre Dame Review
  45. Psychological Methods
  46. Quarterly Journal Of Experimental Psychology
  47. Re: Visions
  48. Reilly Center Reports
  49. Rethinking Marxism
  50. Review Of Politics
  51. Scholastic
  52. Scientia
  53. Sociological Voices
  54. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
  55. Sullivan Prize series
  56. The Bend
  57. The Hub
  58. The Juggler
  59. Through Gendered Lenses
  60. William And Katherine Devers Series in Dante Studies

This is a list titles that may or may not have had an editor from Notre Dame at one time, but to the best of my ability I could not find one.

  1. Catholic Education
  2. Comparative Politics Newsletter
  3. International Journal Of Ecology
  4. International Journal Of Industrial Organization
  5. Medieval Philosophy And Theology
  6. Memory And Cognition

Again, is not necessarily a complete list, and if know of other titles, then please drop me a line.

Last updated: October 1, 2012

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