A Distant Reader Field Trip to Bloomington

Yesterday I was in Bloomington (Indiana) for a Distant Reader field trip.

More specifically, I met with Marlon Pierce and Team XSEDE to talk about Distant Reader next steps. We discussed the possibility of additional grant opportunities, possible ways to exploit the Airivata/Django front-end, and Distant Reader embellishments such as:

  1. Distant Reader Lite – a desktop version of the Reader which processes single files
  2. Distant Reader Extras – a suite of tools for managing collections of “study carrels”
  3. The Distant Reader Appliance – a stand-alone piece of hardware built with Raspberry Pi’s

Along the way Marlon & I visited the data center where I actually laid hands on the Reader. We also visited John Walsh of the HathiTrust Research Center where I did a two-fold show & tell: 1) downloading HathiTrust plain text files as well as PDF documents using htid2books, and 2) the Distant Reader, of course. As a bonus, there was cool mobile hanging from the ceiling of Luddy Hall.

“A good time was had by all.”

eric and marlon



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