Editors Across The Campus

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In an effort to make life easier for people who edit serial literature here at Notre Dame, we are organizing an informal lunch called Editors Across The Campus. We hope you can join us:

  • Who: Anybody and everybody who edits a journal here at Notre Dame
  • What: An informal lunch and opportunity for discussion
  • When: 11:45 to no later than 1 o’clock, Friday, February 8
  • Where: Room 248 of the Hesburgh Libraries
  • Why: Because we all have something to learn from each other

Here at the University quite a number of journals, magazines, and various other types of serial literature are edited by local faculty, students, and staff; based on our investigations there are more than one hundred editors who have their hands in more than sixty serial titles.

Bringing editors together from across campus will build community. It will foster the creation of a support network. It will also make it easier for people interested in scholarly communication to hear, learn, and prioritize issues and challenges facing editors. Once these issues are identified and possibly prioritized, then plans can be made to address the issues effectively. Thus, the purpose of the lunch/discussion combination is to begin to share “war stories” in the hopes of at least finding some common ground. Issues and challenges might include but are certainly not limited to:

  • balancing the costs of publication
  • dealing with copyright issues
  • decisioning between electronic and paper-based distribution
  • determining the feasibility of open access publishing
  • finding and identifying qualified authors
  • finding and identifying qualified publishers
  • finding and identifying qualified reviewers
  • implementing a searchable/browsable archive of previous content
  • increasing impact factors
  • increasing readership
  • learning how to use computer technology to manage workflows
  • moving from one publisher to another

We sincerely believe we all have more things in common than differences. If you are an editor or someone who is keenly interested in the scholarly communications process, then drop us a line (Eric Lease Morgan <emorgan@nd.edu>, 631-8604), come to the lunch, and participate in the discussion. We hope to see you there.

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