400 Catholic pamphlets digitized

Team Catholic Pamphlets has finished digitizing, processing, and making available close to 400 pieces of material available in the Aleph as well as Primo — http://bit.ly/sw1JH8

More specifically, we had a a set of Catholic pamphlets located in Special Collections converted into TIFF and PDF files. We then had OCR (optical character recognition) done against them, and the result was saved on a few local computers — parts of our repository. We then copied and enhanced the existing MARC records describing the pamphlets, and we ingested them into Aleph. From there they flowed to Primo.

When search results are returned for Catholic Pamphlet items, the reader is given the opportunity to download the PDF version and/or apply text mining services against them in order to enhance the process of understanding. For example, here are links to a specific catalog record, the pamphlet’s PDF version, and text mining interface:

Our next step is two-fold. First, we will document our experience and what we learned. Second, we will share this documentation with the wider audience. We hope to complete these last two tasks before we go home for the Christmas Holiday. Wish us luck.

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