Digital Scholarship Grilled Cheese Lunch

Grilled Cheese Lunch Attendees

Grilled Cheese Lunch Attendees

In the Fall the Libraries will be opening a thing tentatively called The Hesburgh Center for Digital Scholarship. The purpose of the Center will be to facilitate learning, teaching, and research across campus through the use of digital technology.

For the past few months I have been visiting other centers across campus in order to learn what they do, and how we can work collaboratively with them. These centers included the Center for Social Research, the Center for Creative Computing, the Center for Research Computing, the Kaneb Center, Academic Technologies, as well as a number of computer lab/classroom. Since we all have more things in common than differences, I recently tried to build a bit of community through a grilled cheese lunch. The event was an unqualified success, and pictured are some of the attendees.

Fun with conversation and food.

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