Tablet-base “reading”

A number of us got together today, and we had nice time doing show & tell as well as discussing “tablet-based ‘reading'”. We included:

  • Carole Pilkinton
  • Charles Vardeman
  • Elliott Visconsi
  • Eric Lease Morgan
  • Jean McManus
  • Laura Fuderer
  • Markus Krusche
  • Sean O’Brien

Elliot demonstrated iPad Shakespeare while Charles and Markus filled in the gaps when it came to the technology. Sean and I did the same thing when it came to the Catholic Youth Literature Project. Some points during the discussion included but were not limited to:

  • the two projects complement each other in their approaches
  • the availability of usable texts make such projects difficult
  • evaluating the effectiveness of these tools is challenging
  • such applications require significant resources to create
  • these types of application demonstrate a large degree of potential

Fun in academia and the digital humanities.

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