Woman the Hunter

So very excited to finally be able to share two papers I worked on with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Sarah Lacy, in which we argue against the persistent idea that hunting (performed by men) was the driving force in human evolution.

We present anatomical and physiological reasons why women were just as physically capable and potential even more capable of hunting than men.

Woman the Hunter: The Physiological Evidence

We then follow up with the archaeological and ethnographic evidence that clearly supports female participation in hunting as well as tool making.

Woman the Hunter: The Archaeological Evidence

The story of evolution has been largely written by and about men. These two articles break down why that is not only problematic but also poor science.

This was a labor of love. Sarah and I enjoyed every minute of writing and revising these articles. Gigantic thank you to American Anthropologist for working with us to make sure these articles appeared together and for the speedy publishing process post-acceptance.

More than happy to send pdfs – just message me!