Two more data creator interviews

Michelle Hudson and I have had a couple more data creator interviews, and here is a list of themes from them:

  • data types – data types include various delimited text files, narrative texts, geographic information system (GIS) files, images, and videos; the size of the data sets is about 20 GB
  • subject content – the subject represented by the content include observations of primates, longitudinal studies of families
  • output – the output resulting from these various data sets include scholarly articles and simulations
  • data management – the information is saved on any number of servers located in the Center for Research Computing, under one’s desk, or in a departmental space; some back up and curation happens, but not a lot; there is little if any metadata assigned to the data; migrating data from older versions of software to new versions is sometimes problematic
  • ongoing dissemination – everybody interviewed believe there needs to be a more formalized method for the ongoing management and dissemination of locally created data; some thought the Libraries ought to play a leadership role; others have considered offering the service to the campus community for a fee

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