Agenda/Minutes, September 16

222A Hesburgh Library, 3:30-4:30pm

Present: Leigh, Justin, Kitty, Tom, Lisa, Tracey, Mary, Aaron

Annex Update

  • ┬áHoped to start moving items in mid-April
  • 10th Floor renovation begins in summer (immediately after graduation?)
  • Prep work beginning ASAP
    • Identifying
    • Barcoding
  • In process of getting quotes from a moving company
  • Have been in contact with a company re. inventory management

Tantur Update

  • Deleting HOL records deleted many of the attached bibs
  • Tried deleting LKR from HOL first, to break link to bib, which seemed to work.
  • Will run full process on Paul next week prior to running in production.

Aleph 22 Upgrade

  • Server is ready to go
    • Virtual server, so can expand more easily
    • Installed software
    • Ran upgrade against tables
    • Justin has made first round on tweaks on tables
    • Updated data from Paul
  • To do on servers
    • Update scripts
    • Old reports
    • Authentication
    • Authorities processing
  • Client
    • Client package has been built
    • Client is available in Google drive in the Aleph22 folder
    • ndu-d installer will put the client on your D drive
    • run setup.exe
  • Cut over
    • export, import, index, perhaps 18 hours