Minutes/Agenda July 11, 2017

425 Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Michele, Lisa, Andy, Justin, Kitty, Mary, Monica, Trish

Unbarcoded Monographs

  • Machine-create item records for unbarcoded monographs
    • Items would be requestable
    • Help display issues issues in Primo
    • Make the problem reportable and countable
    • Barcode would be system supplied
    • Status 01
    • Process status UB
    • Questions
      • Can we generate an item for each holdings record
      • Should these be transferred to the Annex?
      • Who should barcode? Are there likely to be a lot of cataloging problems?
      • Preservation?

Special Borrowers

  • ND will refer Alumni, and family members of MALC institutions back to their home institution for special borrower cards

Campus ID Numbers

  • We will be able to add campus ID numbers, without prefix, but will use a separate key type for each campus
  • This will allow for overlap, if that happens in the future, as long as the PINs are unique
  • Cannot use for GUI lookup

GUI Search

  • Added OPAC view in GUI Search Tab
    • Searches xxx01pub (does not include suppressed records)