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Minutes / Agenda August 13, 2018

425 Hesburgh Library, 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Present: Andy, Justin, Trish, Tracey, Aaron


MALC Changes

  • SMC & BCI cut over to WMS in May
  • Deleted from Primo in May
  • Removal from Aleph (August)
    • Removed from OPAC
    • Shut off cron jobs
    • In Process:
      • Clean up open loan and hold records
      • Final Scrub job for patron IDs
      • Remove configuration from server
  • Will continue to load SMC & BCI patrons as “special borrowers”

Aleph Replacement

  • Core team is working on compiling RFP
  • Have reviewed 6 systems

The Future

  • Consensus is to discontinue regular meetings, communicate via our group, and be able to call a meeting if something comes up.

Minutes / Agenda April 10, 2018

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Justin, Lisa, Tracey, Kitty, Mary, Aaron, Andy

InterMALC Borrowing

  • Request Delivery is disabled – no option to delivery to ND
    • Some confusion since St. Mary’s and Bethel books can still be requested and picked up at their main locations.
  • SMC/BCI patrons will get 60 day loans w/ 1 renewal in Aleph
    • “MALC_ALI”
    • Need to test how Aleph handles renewals of existing loans once patron status is changed
  • Patron load needs to be changed in Aleph to use new status prior to faculty curtesy notices
  • Tracey is working with Tara on communications
    • Web pages for partner libraries have been updated
  • Justin demo’d the lookup tool
    • Data hasn’t been formatted yet for this purpose
    • Lookup tool needs to be in place by May 11

PALNI Migration

  • WMS go live is May 21
    • Data will be in place on May 11
  • Keep PC servers on until June 30
  • Circ returns will continue to route to SMC and BCI until June 30
    • After June 30, materials sent via InfoExpress will not be discharged and routed.
  • Clear database table about 1 month later
  • Aleph data
    • Current loans
    • Loan counts by item
    • Send in Excel, use the PALNI team drive
    • Need on Apr. 23




Minutes / Agenda March 13, 2018

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Lisa, Trish, Mary, Justin, Aaron, Andy, Tracey, Michelle

PALNI Migration and InterMALC Borrowing

  • Discontinue InterMALC requests on April 2
  • Post an alert message on the Primo page on Monday, March 26
  • Gave an overview of “plan a” for providing walk-in and ILL service post migration (based on meeting last week).
  • There is a possibility that we could download print-monograph records for Bethel & St. Mary’s to load in Primo, and provide a link to ILL

Aleph Replacement Update


Minutes / Agenda Feb. 13, 2018

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Justin, Lisa, Monica, Andy, Michele, Sarah, Kevin, Tim, Lisa, Kitty

PALNI Migration and InterMALC Borrowing

  • All four libraries are ALI Members
    • Patron would have to present ALI card from their own library
    • ND would issue an Irish1Card
    • Irish1Card expiration would match the expiration on the ALI card
  • WMS supports special borrowers status.
    • SMC/Bethel would manually add and set status
  • Current InterMALC Borrowing
    • SMC has set end-hold dates to April 13
  • WMS Go Live date in May 11
    • Would like to keep Aleph for cleanup. E.g., for returns
    • Will need to be sure there are no rolling due dates left of BCI/SMC – set all to end of semester.
    • Will need reports of ND patrons who have BCI/SMC items, and vice-versa


  • Feb. 19 – Full Bib Extraction
  • March 1 – Full Serials Extraction
  • March 26 – Patron data
  • April 2 – Dis-able new InterMALC delivery requests
  • April 13 – End hold date
  • April 24 – Circ Data Pull
  • May 11 – WMS Go Live
  • May 31 – Faculty Admin Grad loans due
  • June ? – Delete BCI and SMC data from Primo (Needs to be after Catalog links are updated on website)
  • June 30 – Aleph end date


Minutes / Agenda Dec. 12

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Mary, Justin, Kitty, Aaron, Tracey, Lisa

Julian Samora Library

  • They have approached Viveca about the ability to check materials out in Aleph
    • They are doing a lot of paper charges.
  • Latino studies will pay for any equipment.
  • Collection is in Aleph with system supplied barcodes
  • Meeting is scheduled in January

Irish1Card Update

  • Non-Banner Patrons
    • Will put changes into production after break
  • Global Gateway
    • Data should be coming through in production soon
    • Campus (student) and Work Location (faculty/staff)

NISMEC Program

  • Will not renew grant
  • Discontinuing program for library

Aleph Migration Update

  • Core Team has met twice
  • SubTeams
    • IT Infrastructure (Aaron)
    • Resource Management (Monica C.)
    • Resource Delivery (Tracey)
    • Metadata/Description (Jared)
    • Consortial
    • Other Core Team Members: Sandra K, Miranda (PMO), Mark & Laura (Sponsors)
  • 3 Phases
    • Requirements Gathering & writing RFP
    • Evaluation or RFP
    • Implementation
  • “Enabling Technologies”
    • Includes OIT, Process Improvement, Finance


  • SMC will join PALNI
    • PALNI uses WMS
  • InterMALC borrowing
    • Will explore options


Break Issues



Minutes/Agenda Oct. 10

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Trish, Justin, Lisa, Kitty, Aaron, Andy

Aleph Replacement

  • Now have an official strategic initiative
  • Rough Timeline is Fall 2017 – Summer 2020
  • Oversight Team and Subteams
  • Phases
    • Identifying requirements & initial review
    • RFP and recommendations
    • Implementation

Patron Load

  • Justin will be refactoring Patron Load
  • Simplify overall workflow
    • Multiple data inputs with separate scripts
    • Output to Koha
    • Use NiFi

Ebooks Project

  • Moving towards vendor neutral records to accomodate multiple platforms
  • Move all possible packages to WS Collection Manager using combined
  • For other packages, using Merge Rules to preserve 856 fields

ChromeStorm & SSL

  • Browsers will flag “not secure” for search boxes on non-https sites
  • Will attempt to implement https for Primo and other services\
    • Primo
    • EZ Proxy
    • SFX

Primo SP

  • August Release
  • Security enhancement for emailing records



Minutes/Agenda Aug. 8, 2017

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Tracey, Kitty, Aaron, Trish, Lisa, Justin, Monica


  • Ex Libris course management system
    • Instructor Request
    • Copyright Clearance
    • Library approval
  • Sipix will be discontinued
  • Tracey will send product demo info to the MALCs

Irish1Card / Special Borrowers

  • Takes about 7 business days
  • Faculty/Staff recarding will begin in September
  • Have to hold the card on/close to the ready for a few moments


  • Patron purge is done
  • Credit report was run. Tracey is going through it and will pass on to Salem and work with student accounts for refunds
  • Staff delivery
    • Will delivery to all ND staff, not just exempt.
    • Not all staff had home library.



Minutes/Agenda July 11, 2017

425 Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Michele, Lisa, Andy, Justin, Kitty, Mary, Monica, Trish

Unbarcoded Monographs

  • Machine-create item records for unbarcoded monographs
    • Items would be requestable
    • Help display issues issues in Primo
    • Make the problem reportable and countable
    • Barcode would be system supplied
    • Status 01
    • Process status UB
    • Questions
      • Can we generate an item for each holdings record
      • Should these be transferred to the Annex?
      • Who should barcode? Are there likely to be a lot of cataloging problems?
      • Preservation?

Special Borrowers

  • ND will refer Alumni, and family members of MALC institutions back to their home institution for special borrower cards

Campus ID Numbers

  • We will be able to add campus ID numbers, without prefix, but will use a separate key type for each campus
  • This will allow for overlap, if that happens in the future, as long as the PINs are unique
  • Cannot use for GUI lookup

GUI Search

  • Added OPAC view in GUI Search Tab
    • Searches xxx01pub (does not include suppressed records)



Minutes/Agenda June 13, 2017

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Michelle, Lisa, Mary, Kitty, Tracey, Justin


  • Currently in Prod
  • Most faculty and staff will not get new cards until September

Campus ID Numbers

  • Campus ID numbers are in Auth field 3
  • Currently campus ID numbers are prefixed, e.g. NDU9000000, etc.
  • Should we enter w/o prefix?
    • This would be convenient for primo/OPAC login
  • Note: St. Mary’s is now using CAS

Special Borrowers

  • ND Special Borrowers will get Irish1Card Photo IDs
  • So far
    • 2 Alumni (1 has picked up card)
    • 2 Visiting scholars requested by an admin in O’Shag
  • Follow-up to previous meeting discussion of Special Borrowers
    • Should special borrowers in general have reciprocal privileges?
    • Will compare policies, see if procedures match

Patron Purge

  • Purge all patrons with expiration older than June 1, 2016
  • If patrons have an open transfer, will need to close before purging

Linked Data & Display Issues

  • Example record: 004605225
  • $0 contains various authority record numbers for linked data
  • Need to suppress from display and from browse lists
  • Defined as “authority control number”, can be in any heading field w/ authority control
  • Need to adjust for OPAC
  • Might need to adjust Primo N.R.