Minutes/Agenda June 14, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Mary, Lisa, Monica, Trish, Kitty, Justin, Aaron, Andy


  • There will be some fund changes
  • Last day for ordering is Tuesday, June 21
  • Last day for loads: Friday
  • Reconciliation, goal to roll on Friday, July 1

Service Pack

  • Current Service Pack
  • Previous SPs that would be included
  • Next SP scheduled for July 4.
  • Plan
    • Download SP 5 prior to end of June.
    • Check notes on SP 6 for “exciting” releases
      • Decide on whether to implement 5 or 6.
    • Week of July 5-8 implement in test
    • Test for 2 weeks (July 11-22)
    • Implement in prod by end of July
    • Note: reschedule Aleph team meeting for 2nd week of testing period


  • Would it be possible to move PDS from Primo to Aleph, and tie into Saint Mary’s LDAP server?


  • Circulation protocol
    • Loans/Returns
    • Item Creation
    • Hold requests
  • SRCS and ILLiad integration


  • Have sent updated print holdings to Hathi
  • Still having issues with sending withdrawn items
  • Should test to see if we are actually getting section 108 access to materials marked as Brittle or Lost in our print holdings list.