Minutes/Agenda Oct. 10

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Trish, Justin, Lisa, Kitty, Aaron, Andy

Aleph Replacement

  • Now have an official strategic initiative
  • Rough Timeline is Fall 2017 – Summer 2020
  • Oversight Team and Subteams
  • Phases
    • Identifying requirements & initial review
    • RFP and recommendations
    • Implementation

Patron Load

  • Justin will be refactoring Patron Load
  • Simplify overall workflow
    • Multiple data inputs with separate scripts
    • Output to Koha
    • Use NiFi

Ebooks Project

  • Moving towards vendor neutral records to accomodate multiple platforms
  • Move all possible packages to WS Collection Manager using combined
  • For other packages, using Merge Rules to preserve 856 fields

ChromeStorm & SSL

  • Browsers will flag “not secure” for search boxes on non-https sites
  • Will attempt to implement https for Primo and other services\
    • Primo
    • EZ Proxy
    • SFX

Primo SP

  • August Release
  • Security enhancement for emailing records