Minutes/Agenda July 19, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Lisa, Mary, Sarah, Amanda, Monica, Kitty, Justin, Aaron, Kevin, Andy

Service Pack

  • Tom will refresh the database tonight
  • SMC: has run through everything except notices
  • BCI: everything seems to look fine
  • Cataloging: everything fine so far. Just starting to test serial functions


  • Will go to production “hearing no objections”
  • Tuesday, July 26.
  • Traditional process is to go over lunch time, probably not more than an hour of down-time.
    • Staff will need to close Aleph client and open after update. Changes should come in via version check.

New Feature

  • Hold Shelf Reminders
    • Would like to give the patron a warning before sending it back.
    • Send on day 3/4
    • Also cron expired holds report for everyone.


  • Licenses have been ordered

Summer Institute Poster

  • Highlights
    • MALC Sharing
    • Courtesy Notices
    • Annex
    • Periodical Item record cleanup
  • Things to come
    • Hold shelf reminder notice
    • Irish1Card


  • Version control system using Git.
  • Impact on MALC libraries editing their own tables
    • tab17
  • Schedule demo for MALC reps