Agenda/Minutes, November 18, 2014

222A Hesburgh Library, 3:30-4:30pm

Present: Tracey, Kitty, Justin, Andy, Robert, Mary, Tom, Kevin, Clara

Aleph 22 Testing

  • Cataloging/Items functions: no problems
  • Serial publication patterns work as the do in Aleph 20
  • Loading records is easier, but indexing is very slow.
  • Basic cataloging functionality: did not find problems other than correct headings functionality.
  • Need to settle on font.ini settings
    • Max font size is 17
  • New setting in catalog.ini for which menu comes up on right-click
  • Alephcom.ini new print type
  • Connexion: export, overlay works
  • SMC: acquisitions seems ok
  • SMC tested reports — ok
  • SMC will test batch loading
  • Labeling is fine
  • BC: tested cataloging, serials, circ. OK
  • BC: tested email notices
  • Circulation: nothing coming up for a no-go
  • Set up issues — need to put in workstation ID
  • Need to test notices
  • Need to test holds, recalls
  • Have tested doc del request. Need to test printing.
  • Need to test intermalc
  • Need to test OPAC via Primo
  • Need to test self-check

New Functionality

  • Link to RDA toolkit works
  • Need to test multiple items in order loader

Cut over weekend

  • Discussion of whether to bring up self-check on Sunday or,
  • Use off-line circ in GUI
  • Use Google Docs to record “paper” loans