Minutes / Agenda Dec. 12

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Mary, Justin, Kitty, Aaron, Tracey, Lisa

Julian Samora Library

  • They have approached Viveca about the ability to check materials out in Aleph
    • They are doing a lot of paper charges.
  • Latino studies will pay for any equipment.
  • Collection is in Aleph with system supplied barcodes
  • Meeting is scheduled in January

Irish1Card Update

  • Non-Banner Patrons
    • Will put changes into production after break
  • Global Gateway
    • Data should be coming through in production soon
    • Campus (student) and Work Location (faculty/staff)

NISMEC Program

  • Will not renew grant
  • Discontinuing program for library

Aleph Migration Update

  • Core Team has met twice
  • SubTeams
    • IT Infrastructure (Aaron)
    • Resource Management (Monica C.)
    • Resource Delivery (Tracey)
    • Metadata/Description (Jared)
    • Consortial
    • Other Core Team Members: Sandra K, Miranda (PMO), Mark & Laura (Sponsors)
  • 3 Phases
    • Requirements Gathering & writing RFP
    • Evaluation or RFP
    • Implementation
  • “Enabling Technologies”
    • Includes OIT, Process Improvement, Finance


  • SMC will join PALNI
    • PALNI uses WMS
  • InterMALC borrowing
    • Will explore options


Break Issues



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