Minutes / Agenda April 10, 2018

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Justin, Lisa, Tracey, Kitty, Mary, Aaron, Andy

InterMALC Borrowing

  • Request Delivery is disabled – no option to delivery to ND
    • Some confusion since St. Mary’s and Bethel books can still be requested and picked up at their main locations.
  • SMC/BCI patrons will get 60 day loans w/ 1 renewal in Aleph
    • “MALC_ALI”
    • Need to test how Aleph handles renewals of existing loans once patron status is changed
  • Patron load needs to be changed in Aleph to use new status prior to faculty curtesy notices
  • Tracey is working with Tara on communications
    • Web pages for partner libraries have been updated
  • Justin demo’d the lookup tool
    • Data hasn’t been formatted yet for this purpose
    • Lookup tool needs to be in place by May 11

PALNI Migration

  • WMS go live is May 21
    • Data will be in place on May 11
  • Keep PC servers on until June 30
  • Circ returns will continue to route to SMC and BCI until June 30
    • After June 30, materials sent via InfoExpress will not be discharged and routed.
  • Clear database table about 1 month later
  • Aleph data
    • Current loans
    • Loan counts by item
    • Send in Excel, use the PALNI team drive
    • Need on Apr. 23




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