Minutes/Agenda Sept 13, 2016

248 Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Aaron, Andy, Monica, Lisa, Amanda, Justin, Tracey, Kitty, Sarah, Mary, Trish


  • Indiana Statewide Remote Circulation System
  • In production since August
  • http://in.gov/library/SRCS.htm
  • To Do: Set up NCIP for SRCS
    • Aleph needs ILL module to accept NCIP bibs
  • To Do: Determine patron access


  • Meeting has been scheduled. No news at this point.


Listser to Google Groups

  • AWG is converted to Aleph-Team
  • ND-Primo-L is converted to MALC-Primo
  • To Do: Aleph22 to MALC-Aleph
  • National list will migrate to ELUNA domain