Minutes/Agenda December 9, 2015

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Kitty, Mary, Lisa, Justin, Amanda, Sarah, Tracey, Monica, Tom, Andy, Joe

Irish 1 Card Update

  • May 2017 for production
  • Looking at using Omnicard reader with Raspberry Pi to do web service lookup (CSN to ID)

Aleph Server Migration

  • Last December moved Aleph to a virtual server.
  • Now moving underlying virtual server software from Red Hat to VM
  • About 1 hour downtime.
  • Primo would still run, but not get updates
  • Tracey will check on open hours during break

DocDel / InterMALC requests during break

  • Staff will be out Dec. 24-Jan. 4
  • Last year used banner to indicate that requests would not be processed.
  • Will put banners on library home page, Primo headers, and Aleph OPAC

Courtesy Notices

  • ND sends out courtesy notices 3 days before an item is due.
    • This applies to all item statuses. (If an item has a loan period of less than 3 days no notice is sent)
  • Graduate Student Library Advisory Panel asked if MALC partners could also send notices.

Patron Purge / Scrubbing

  • ND will scrub circ logger after 30 days, other tables the same night
  • Will delete transactions from circ logger after 18 months.
  • Patron record purge
    • Revised to catch more patrons
    • Modifying so it can be run on a schedule
  • Will decide on patron statuses, how long expired, and time frame next meeting.

Minutes/Agenda November 9, 2015

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present:Joe, Tracey, Trish, Lisa, Andy, Kevin, Kitty, Justin, Aaron, Nastia, Mary

Statistics posted online

(Tabled from previous meeting)

  • Have been posting monthly statistics online.
  • MALCs have not been able to access because of the firewall.
  • Do we need to continue maintaining the website?


  • MALC directors noticed requests from their libraries for materials in Annex.
  • Was this perhaps during the summer when Annex copies were not retrievable?
  • Hesburgh has had a complaint about loan periods for journals. Because of delivery times, a journal that had been requested was already overdue when the patron received it. Will consider extending loan time for bound journals (referred to Cheri and Lou).

Circulation Notices

  • Adapted script from MIT to send email notices from the server, instead of using the Print Daemon.
  • Justin and Tracey have been revising the templates to be more uniform.
  • After Christmas, will implement, so that Print Daemon will only handle printed notices, no email.

Records without Holdings

  • About 28,000 Bib Records w/o holdings/items
    • Large portion (20K) appear to be attempted deletes with LDR field only
  • May be good to focus on records with valid OCLC numbers (in case our symbol is in OCLC)
  • May be microforms
  • Special collections in process records
  • Doc Center records
  • Will run reports for each MALC