Minutes / Agenda August 13, 2018

425 Hesburgh Library, 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Present: Andy, Justin, Trish, Tracey, Aaron


MALC Changes

  • SMC & BCI cut over to WMS in May
  • Deleted from Primo in May
  • Removal from Aleph (August)
    • Removed from OPAC
    • Shut off cron jobs
    • In Process:
      • Clean up open loan and hold records
      • Final Scrub job for patron IDs
      • Remove configuration from server
  • Will continue to load SMC & BCI patrons as “special borrowers”

Aleph Replacement

  • Core team is working on compiling RFP
  • Have reviewed 6 systems

The Future

  • Consensus is to discontinue regular meetings, communicate via our group, and be able to call a meeting if something comes up.