Minutes/Agenda Nov. 8, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Lisa, Mary, Kitty, Justin, Aaron


Due Date Changes

  • NDU will give undergrads end-of-semester instead of 4 weeks
  • Non-exempt staff will also change (either end-of-semester or extended rolling loan)
  • Implement for Spring semester

NCIP & SRCS Update

  • Will use NDU30 for temporary bibs
    • Have tested and notified Ex.L.
  • Most functionality is working in test
  • Problems with lookupitem (by system number)
  • Need to populate patron Home Library

Index Plans

  • New index: LOC
  • Currently in aleph3
  • Need to regenerate entire WRD index
    • Run index on separate server from snapshot
    • Copy index tables back to production
    • Some down time to copy index tables
  • Companion project to fix LDR fields
    • UTF records coded as Marc-8

New self-check machines have arrived